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Safety valve DN15

Safety valve DN15

  Performance parameters:

  Product model: SDA-22C300T

  Nominal pressure: 300Lbs

  Trade name diameter: DN15 (1/2 ")

  Applicable temperature: -40-150 ℃

  Setting pressure: 1.0-3.5MPa

  Discharge pressure: ≤1.1 times setting pressure

  Throat diameter: 7mm

  Opening height: ≥1.75mm

  Total length of safety valve: 86 mm

  Applicable medium: refrigerant, oil, water, gas, etc.

  Connection size: imported 1/2 "-14NPT (external thread diameter 21.233mm)

  Export 5 / 8-18UNF (SAE3 / 8 ") (external thread diameter 16.5mm)

  Executive standards: GB / T 12241-2005, GB / T 12243-2005.

  product description:

  This product has a compact structure and light weight. It is suitable for safety equipment with overpressure protection of refrigeration equipment. The whole body is made of brass material with high sealing performance.


  1. Small set pressure deviation

  2. Select high-quality spring steel 50CrVA to ensure the life and stability of the spring.

  3. The full revelation structure has a large displacement.

  4. The seal adopts PTFE F4 material, and the sealing performance is high.