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Safety valve operation matters

Time : 2020-04-10

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Safety valve operation matters

  Safety valve operation matters

  1. Always keep the safety valve clean, prevent the valve body springs from being filled or corroded by greasy dirt, and prevent the gas safety valve discharge pipe from being clogged with oil or other foreign objects; often check whether the lead seal is intact and prevent the lever type safety valve The weight of the hammer is loose or moved to prevent the adjustment screw of the spring-type safety valve from being twisted at will.

  Second, after cleaning the safety valve, it must be re-commissioned.

  3. Light oil cleaning safety valve should be selected.

  Fourth, the initial operation stage after commissioning should carefully observe the operation of the safety valve.

  Fifth, if the safety valve shows signs of leakage, it should be replaced or repaired in time. It is forbidden to increase the load (such as excessively tightening the adjustment screw of the spring-type safety valve or attaching heavy objects to the lever of the lever-type safety valve) to eliminate leakage.

  6. Regularly check the safety valve during operation for leakage, jamming and corrosion of springs and other abnormal phenomena, and pay attention to observe whether the lock nut of the adjusting screw sleeve and the adjusting ring set screw is loose. If problems are found, appropriate measures should be taken in time .

  7. Safety valves installed outdoors should take appropriate protective measures to prevent rain mist, dust, rust and other dirt from entering safety valves and discharge pipes. When the environment is below zero degrees Celsius, the necessary anti-freezing measures should also be taken to ensure Reliability of safety valve operation.

  8. When operating gas safety valves, in addition to complying with this regulation, the relevant regulations of the “Pressure Vessel Safety Technical Supervision Regulations” and “Safety Valve Safety Technical Supervision Regulations” (TSG ZF001-2004) should also be observed.